Rajamouli Creating History Again!

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There are many stalwarts who took the Telugu Film Industry to a new level but among them, the name of the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli would be etched in golden letters. He is one man who has not only elevated the standards of filmmaking but also brought immense pride and honour to the entire Telugu cinema.

As he continues to create sensational stuff, he is now poised to create history again. Well, it is heard that Rajamouli has declared he would be coming up with a fifteen day workshop to entire cast and crew of his new movie ‘RRR’ (working title). The date for the workshop is yet to be announced but here is the thing.

This is the first time in the history of Telugu cinema that a workshop of this type is being conducted. Normally, this is a practice in Hollywood and all movies do that but in Telugu this is the first time. Some are also saying this is perhaps the first time in Indian cinema. Whatever it is, great to see Rajamouli doing this!


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