Reason For 'Bhairavageetha' Delay

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While planning for the release of a film it is always important to be doubly sure about the release date and only then the announcement has to be made. At the most, it can get postponed once but if that happens repeatedly it creates a very negative impression on the movie.

Since the last few weeks the movie ‘Bhairavageetha’ being produced by the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma has been going through a series of postponements in terms of release. Now, one reason has come out. It is heard that the makers are planning a total of 4 languages.

Hence, the film would now release in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi as the makers are eyeing a simultaneous release. If Hindi is given away to any TV channel, these 3 have strong plans of releasing on the same day. Right now, the Tamil dubbing activity is happening hence the delay. The Telugu and Kannada versions are ready.

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