Bollywood Ruling Hyderabad Now

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With the Dussehra mania coming to an end and still some time left before the Diwali hungama picks up, the graph in the Telugu box office has dipped a bit. This has opened doors for the Bollywood circuit especially in the Hyderabad sector where Hindi movies are always welcome.

This time, it appears the Bollywood is ruling the Hyderabad market. It all began with ‘Andhaa Dhun’ featuring Ayushmann Khurana followed by ‘Badhayi ho..’ which is again a Ayushmann movie. Then there is also the Kannada flavoured ‘Tumbbad’ which is getting a very strong positive response.

Even the Telugu audience is now going to watch these movies because they are hearing positive word of mouth from many. While these three are rocking here, the folks in Mumbai are now realizing the kind of stamina Hyderabad market has and eyeing this city further.

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