#MeToo Girls Are Considered A Threat?

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There has been a lot of commotion going on around the ‘#MeToo’ controversy and every other day you come across some or the other actress saying something about it. While it was being projected as the revolution which is going to bring to light the atrocities against starlets, here’s the thing.

More than half of them have been trying to use it for their share of limelight and attention which is now causing trouble. This issue has not gone too well with the cine folks and they are now looking at taking a safe stand. For starters, girls who have complaining nature should be kept away.

By keeping them at a distance you end up being safe because you never know when they will start grumbling and there is always a threat that once they start they will continue coming up with complaints and allegations which is not advisable. This is certainly going to take away the opportunities they might get.

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