What Is This Lady's Intention?

By - October 30, 2018 - 03:55 PM IST

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When you look at having a steady career and long innings in your work, you need to have a proper plan as to how you have to do it. This is much more important in the cinema industry where nothing is guaranteed. The risk element is quite exponential when it comes to the actresses because their shelf life is very less.

Amidst these circumstances, one lady has been doing something and nobody knows what is the actual intention behind her acts. She is none other than the innocent faced hottie Ameesha Patel. Though she has passed her prime, Ameesha is always known for her movies like ‘Badri’ and ‘Nani’ in Telugu.

From many years she has been coming up with nothing but hot photoshoots. To be honest, this has never fetched her any opportunities leave alone any ribbon cutting chances. Given this situation, many are asking what is her intention behind these hot stills and is she trying seriously for movies. Only Ameesha can answer that.

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