Tamil Directors Spoiling A R Rahman's Image

By - November 02, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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There is no doubt that the Mozart of Madras A R Rahman created a sensation when he made his entry and within no time he brought international honours to India by winning the Oscar Award. While that is one side of the coin, there is also another side to this great music director which the Telugu industry experienced.

When dubbing is happening for Tamil movies which have music by Rahman, the Telugu lyricists are facing a strange experience. It is heard that recently those went to write the songs of the film ‘2.0’ interacted with the film’s director Shankar and not Rahman. Fine, Rahman doesn’t know Telugu but what about Shankar.

Even he knows a little bit of Telugu so how will he extract the right lyrics for the Telugu version. It is heard that he said he wanted the same word sound like Tamil. Even Mani Ratnam did the same for the film ‘Kadal’. Leaving it to Telugu lyricists and asking them to write with nativity is important but they are killing it by focusing only on sound than sense. They don’t know the language and are not showing respect towards the Telugu language thereby spoiling Rahman’s image.

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