Heroine's Research On Telugu Culture

By - November 25, 2018 - 11:00 AM IST

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You do come across those heroes who tend to do a lot of research on their roles before they start shooting for a movie. You also see heroines doing that but they do so when it is a historical role and something which has to do with real life. But this time, one Bollywood girl is busy going through the history of Telugu culture.

She is none other than the perky eyed beauty Adah Sharma who is currently trying her best to bounce back into the race. She has got a golden opportunity in the form of the movie ‘Kalki’ featuring angry star Rajasekhar. The film is being helmed by the talented Prashant Varma of ‘Awe’ fame and here is the update.

It is heard that Adah is essaying the role of a traditional Telugu girl and hence she is going through all possible references of Telugu tradition so that she can deliver this role to perfection as a ‘Padaharu Annaala Telugu Ammayi’. This is indeed a commendable effort from this girl so here’s wishing her all the success and authenticity.

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