Hot Following For Young Director

By - November 27, 2018 - 01:00 PM IST

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The aspects of craze, admiration and respect are normally attributed to heroes, heroines and some well-known artists but it has not been the same as the directors. It takes someone extraordinary like the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli or the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma to garner the crazy following among the public.

However, one young director whose debut venture is yet to hit the screens is already becoming a hot property. His name is Siddhartha Thatholu and he is debuting with the movie ‘Bhairavageetha’. The film is yet to release and it is hitting the screens on November 30th. But even before that can happen, here is the interesting thing.

It is being reported that the following for Siddhartha has increased drastically because many are impressed with his work after looking at the teaser and the trailer. Grapevine is strong that even the heroines have started contacting him and many in the film fraternity are addressing him as sir and wishing him. Way to go Sid!

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