'Mrs Idol Of Tollywood 2018' Declared

By - November 27, 2018 - 02:30 PM IST

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Each year, new individuals keep arriving and they grab the attention with their share of achievements. As a result, they get nominated for many awards and one such category is the ‘Person Of The Year’. Now, one lady whose life was going peacefully in a remote village in Godavari district has become a huge celebrity.

She is none other than Vadiseleru Baby and just a random video which captured her singing a song brought her all the way to Hyderabad. The icing on the cake is, even someone like Megastar Chiranjeevi had invited her home and spent time with her. Given the huge upsurge of fame and recognition, Baby is declared with a title.

She is being called the Mrs Idol of Tollywood 2018 as there is a significant reason. There are many talented people that keep coming up with videos but something which she did without any intent got her this range of fame and attention. Here’s wishing Baby a good and prosperous future from here on.

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