Historical Telugu Movie Connection To Robo Sequel

By - November 28, 2018 - 04:30 PM IST

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The sequel of Robo is all set to hit the theatres in a few hours and people all over India are eagerly waiting to see Rajini mania on screens. Before the release of this magnum-opus, we got an interesting snippet that '2.0' movie has a small connection with a 3D Telugu movie.

Yes, a Telugu historical fiction film has a connection with Robo sequel and that movie is 'Rudramadevi' directed by Gunasekhar. The technicians who are behind the '3D' works of Rudramadevi Mr Ashish Mittal and Ms Surabhi Khetan have also worked for 2.0 movie and this is revealed by Gunasekhar and his team. The team wished for the success of 2.0.

Director Shankar is very much confident about the verdict which is evident through his words which were told in Hyderabad press meet that had commenced a few days back. The advance bookings for the movie are in full swing and we can witness Earth-shattering openings on Day one.

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