'2.0' Estimated Collections In Telugu

By - December 03, 2018 - 11:08 AM IST

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The most talked about film "2.0" is expected to run wild but it's just gasping to walk faster. The first day collections brought a quake at box offices but the 2nd day was a bit dull much to the disappointment of millions. But the third day picked up again being Saturday and the fourth day Sunday had its glee. What is to be seen is its performance in the 2nd week that is from today.

A trade analyst predicts that the film may no go beyond Rs 50 Cr. He has his reasoning for his opinion. The film collected Rs 25 Cr approx so far from the Telugu box offices within India. That includes the whopping 1st day openings. So, going rationally, in the average case scenario the film may collect up to Rs 50 Cr unless some miracle occurs.

The film was bought at Rs 75 Cr on a returnable basis. So, if the marathon stops at Rs 50 Cr, the makers will be liable for Rs 25 Cr to the distributors. But let us be hopeful and wish that the collections breaks the horizon and goes beyond Rs 75 Cr ending up everyone in profits.

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