I Play An Atheist And Me Not That In Person: Sumanth

By - December 03, 2018 - 10:20 AM IST

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Subramanyapuram is a supernatural-thriller and Sumanth said that he expected to get a chance to do some romantic movies after Malli Raava, but has got some thrillers on his way. The actor is excited as his upcoming film is releasing on December 7 and says that it was one of the most-interesting roles he ever played.

Sumanth plays an atheist, a person who doesn’t believe in the existence of God. But personally, he is a religious person. At the promotions of the film, he said, “I keep going to temples, churches and mosques regularly. Personally, I believe in god. If I am shooting early in the morning and if there are any temples around, I make sure that I visit. But for this film, I had to change my mind completely before doing the shot.”

Whereas heroine Eesha Rebba plays a contrast to what he is and there will be one certain point of conflict in between them. “It was really nice working with Eesha Rebba. Our chemistry will look really good on screen,” added Sumanth. Subramanyapuram will show Sumanth in a script based role, whereas in his upcoming film Idham Jagath, where he will play a contrast one. “I am not looking for roles where I have to play the hero. I am ready to play supporting characters too provided I have a good role to do. I am open for all kind of roles,” added the actor.

It was not so easy for Sumanth to transform himself as his grandfather, for NTR biopic. In fact, it was a very big challenge for him and he has worked a lot to make sure that he can be up to the mark. “It was great working with Balakrishna garu. Not just his father’s dialogues, he was even reciting my grandfather’s dialogues without any mistake or repetition. He is an encyclopedia I say,” concluded Sumanth.

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