Comparison Spoiled This Talented Actor

By - December 04, 2018 - 08:00 AM IST

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Comparison syndrome is one big thing that either takes an individual to greater heights on dumps in a quagmire. This is about a talented actor who compared with a big hero from his same community and toiled a lot to become a hero. Yes, he became a hero but couldn't sustain at all. Except for his initial films, rest all got toppled at the box office. The actor missed a point that heroic aura cannot be brought on face when it is completely missing.

Now the actor realized and started doing side role again. But his desire to continue as a hero is not leaving him. So he decided to grab any opportunity that comes on his way. He got one, took it with respect and quoted a very less amount as his remuneration. The figure was Rs 1.5 Cr which he assumed very less. But the producer on the other side got shocked and dropped the idea to produce with him. He said off the record that it is difficult to pay him beyond Rs 30 lakh owing to his market value.

Well, the other actor mentioned here is still demanding Rs 8- Rs 10 Cr per film and creating his own opportunities.

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