Film Industry Men Afraid Of Girls- Comedian Prithvi

By - December 19, 2018 - 12:30 PM IST

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MeToo movement sent shock waves across the nation. Many top celebrities got affected as the victims started opening up and went on naming and shaming them sharing their ordeals which shocked everyone.

Though Bollywood and many other industries got affected, Tollywood did not feel its heat though people like Sri Reddy at times tried to gain media attention by taking out the names of top celebrities making sensational allegations against them. However, when asked whether women are not finding any troubles from the casting directors, ace comedian 30 years Pruthvi came with the shocking revelations.

He said it has become a fashion to make wild and false allegations against anyone. He said not only women, men too are getting affected by casting couch. He added that men faced many troubles from women but how many are bothered about them. He said those who indulge in casting couch will do irrespective of any movements to expose them without getting exposed. When asked whether such frank talk will not alienate him, he said those who want him will come to him with offers and he will not waste time thinking about those who did not come to him.

He said after the advent of social media and media intrusion, he said people are becoming extremely careful if they receive calls for women.

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