#MeToo Lady Became Silent

By - December 19, 2018 - 11:30 AM IST

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Bollywood bombshell Tanushree Datta became the torchbearer for MeToo movement in the country. She exposed the misbehaviour of star actorNana Patekar a few decades back with her and this created a sensation across the country.

Though it divided the Bollywood virtually with few supporting Tanushree and many siding with Nana Patekar, she eventually got justice when many filmmakers replaced Nana from their projects. Tanushree's actions inspired many other women of repute to share their ordeals and name and shame the vultures and predators among the celebrities in various professions.

With Nana Patekar sending legal notices, Tanu Shree claimed that she will not be cowed down by those threats. She even announced that she will expose Nana legally. But for the past few days, she went into silent mode and even flew to the USA. Her close aides say she will not return to India in near future. Rumours are spreading that she flew to

The USA silently after patching up with Nana Patekar. Buzz is a top producer brokered peace between the two warring factions and with Tanushree getting whopping amount as compensation, she flew away to The USA.

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