KCR's Biopic In Hindi And Telugu

By - December 28, 2018 - 06:15 PM IST

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Amidst this season of biopics, many are wondering why there are no biopic attempts on Telangana's first Chief Minister KCR. Although there were some announcements earlier, they didn't get materialize. Some say that it is due to no proper green signal from KCR's family.

But on a whole, KCR's life story proves to be the best storyline for a hitting biopic, because his success is not just political. There are the aspects of culture, language, fight, sacrifice and many more things around it.
But if there is going to be any such attempt, then it should happen only on a national scale in Hindi but not in mere regional, opine many.

Yes, KCR's story will appeal to an entire nation like that of Thackarey's storyline, say a few analysts.


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