Same Worry For All Senior Actors

By - January 04, 2019 - 09:00 AM IST

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Legendary Bollywood star Kadar Khan passed away leaving everyone in tears. Almost all celebrities paid floral tributes to Kadar Khan and the print and electronic media carried out various articles. Many senior stars who paid tributes to Kadar Khan said none of the Genex actors bothered to care for him.

They also blasted them for their insensitivity and said the current generation actors do not even know the ABCD of acting and cannot even express or emote on screen but show starry tantrums. Senior stars felt that young stars do not show respect to senior stars and do not even say Hai to them unlike in the olden days when everyone used to behave in a friendly manner and as a family.

Analysts say senior stars always have the same feeling about the younger generation. They always complain that the younger lot do not have it in them to attain stardom. Analysts say senior stars are not coming out of their shell and are not receptive to the changes and remarkable transformation the film industry underwent. They point out that people will not watch younger stars and current films if they too perform like those who performed in the early days.

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