Nagababu! What Is This?

By - January 04, 2019 - 10:26 AM IST

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Many are wondering what is Mega Brother Naga Babu up and they are questioning ' Naga babu... What is this?". It is known that for quite sometime Mega Brother Naga Babu is continuously poking Natasimha Balakrishna by targeting him with his insulting comments.

Naga Babu once again shocked all by insulting Balakrishna by posting the snaps of few buffaloes saying ' These buffalos and pit bulls are up for sale. They ave sustainable breed and bloodline. Pls, go through the above websites to buy buffalos and pit bulls. Just for public interest'. Though he did not take the name of Balakrishna, many felt it is an indirect attack as Balakrishna is often known to thunder powerful dialogues about his breed and bloodline. Balakrishna did not respond till now and any moment he can explode. But Naga Babu is not leaving Balakrishna at present.

He started off first questioning ' Who is Balakrishna?" and at that time many felt that he exacted revenge on Balakrishna who once questioned ' Who is Pawan Kalyan'. Many expected that Naga Babu remains silent after that and the matter would end there. However, Naga Babu flashed the photo of a yesteryear comedian Balakrishna and said he knew only him. Balakrishna, however, remained silent and but Naga Babu stunned all by launching an insulting attack once again. He shared the video of a small kid who sang the song Sare Jahase Achcha in a clear and perfect manner taking an indirect dig at Balakrishna who became a laughing stock while singing Sare Jahase Achcha.

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