Rakul Doing All This For Publicity?

By - January 19, 2019 - 12:28 PM IST

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Why Rakul Preet lost her control in social media? The question is now the hot topic in Tollywood. When Sri Reddy made allegations on her, Rakul remained calm. But this time, she completely lost her cool, took social media and slammed on haters.

But things are going against Rakul because of her filthy comments on one of the haters' mother. The discussion is about ‘session’, which means ‘sex session’ in the car. Rakul already gave clarity on this issue and clears about her comments. But the war of words is still continuing. In the latest development singer Chinmayee, who came to support Rakul also landed in controversy.

The fight as of now seems unending. Why all this is going like this? Is it necessary to respond to haters’ comments instead of reporting them to the police? These are the discussions among her fans now.

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