Manoj 'Special' Question For PM Modi

By - February 02, 2019 - 03:30 PM IST

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A couple of months back, Manchu Manoj Kumar announced his retirement from acting, but after his father Manchu Mohanbabu warned him, he changed his mindset. On the other side, back to back failures have disturbed Manoj seriously and the young hero distanced from Hyderabad for some time.

This time Manchu Manoj makes headlines with his latest Twitter posting, in which he questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi about Andhra Pradesh - Special Status. It surprises all because in 2014 elections Manchu family gave support to BJP and especially Narendra Modi. Even after elections, Manchu family maintained a close relationship with BJP leaders.

As it was a right of Andhra Pradesh, most of the people from Telugu cinema industry got tight-lipped about Special status. In the meantime, Tammareddy Bharadwaj, Sampoornesh, Sivaji, Nikhil Siddartha and others raised their voice about Special staus but the voice was sidelined and muted because of political pressures.

As a native of Andhra Pradesh, now Manchu Manoj has seriously raised his voice through social media, which was appreciated by many of his followers. The young hero may demand and fight furthermore for the genuine cause.

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