iSmart girls: Why Men Love Bitches?

By - February 13, 2019 - 11:00 AM IST

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iSmart producer Charmee Kaur and iSmart heroine Nidhi Agerwal exchange some interesting conversation at Puri Connects office and it was posted in social media.

When Charmy entered into the office, there she found Nidhi Agerwal who was reading the script seriously. Nidhi Agarwal said it is the script which was prepared by Puri Jagannath for their film. ‘Puri sir suggested me to read this’ Nidhi replied to Charmee’s question. But the actual scene is different and ISmart producer pours question on iSmart heroine. As there is no other chance to cover, the iSmart girl opened out the book titled ‘Why Men Love Bitches’. At last, both are in big laughs. On the other hand, Puri gave the book to Nidhi Agerwal for understanding the heroine’s character.

Charmee posted this video with the comment ‘Why Men Love Bitches... From doormat to dream girl’. So, the concept of the ‘iSmart Shankar’ revolves around this book, can we fix it? Let Puri clarify on this.

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