Kalyani Malik's BGM is Haunting

By - February 13, 2019 - 11:30 AM IST

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Just one day short for Lakshmi’s NTR trailer and RGV already made headlines with BGM (Background music). Kalyani Malik, who is scoring music for the film has done a good job with background score. With perfect BGM, any film can haunt audiences even they came out of the theatre.

Particularly, films like Lakshmi’s NTR have a big scope for BGM and that is why RGV selected talented music director Kalyani Malik. In the meantime, some of the songs already released (Audio singles) via social media and they got massive attention from audiences because of the lyrics and intention which was portrayed through the songs. RGV is planning to release Lakshmi’s NTR next month that is in March and it may be scheduled to the second week of the month.

On the other hand, RGV posted an interesting publicity update for his film as he posted a photo in which late NTR’s wife Lakshmi Parvathi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are in one frame. Earlier, RGV posted a tweet (video) saying, Narendra Modi is supporting Lakshmi’s NTR and it went viral.

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