Biopic On Sri Reddy And The Villain Is!

By - February 19, 2019 - 10:06 AM IST

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Any takers there? Sri Reddy is looking towards her biopic and she is in search of director and producer. Isn’t it funny? It may be funny for everyone but not for Sri Reddy. Because she is something beyond any one’s thinking.


Sri Reddy recently posted an interesting comment about her biopic and said: “Koratala Siva no1 worst character in this world..if I allow a biopic of mine, he wl hv a major part in that film..”. Sri Reddy is known for sensational comments, this time she targeted ace director Koratala Siva again. Off course it is not the first time, she earlier targeted Koratala Siva and many more Tollywood celebrities.


However, Sri Reddy is now away from Tollywood and searching for chances in Kollywood, but things are not favouring her. So, she may again try to through ‘mud’ on Tollywood, many are asserting.

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