Pic Talk: Bold, Beautiful And Fearless

By - March 07, 2019 - 01:31 PM IST

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She is bold, so she did many meaty roles in many movies in languages including Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. She is beautiful, and it is a known factor. She is fearless; it was proved when she started fighting against deadly cancer. She is none other than Sonali Bendre, who appeared in many super hit films in Telugu like Indra, Manmadhudu etc.

Post-treatment for deadly cancer, Sonali Bendre didn’t take much time and she makes headlines with her attitude. Recently, while posing for Vogue magazine, Sonali Bendre said she has started a new phase of life with full of confidence. “It is not about making money, it is all about knowing factors about deadly disease cancer and it is my duty to campaign in support of cancer patients. The awareness is more important and fearless attitude will give you extra energy to fight against cancer” Sonali Bendre said in an interview.

Speaking about above-posted pot, Sonali said that “it does not sin, showing scars. It is my way of making awareness against Cancer” Sonali Bendre concluded. With short hair, Sonali exposed some scars on her body, but many are mercilessly questioning about her hot appeal.

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