Renu Desai Gets Irritated Again

By - March 12, 2019 - 07:30 PM IST

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Fans of Pawan Kalyan are still having huge respect on Renu Desai and they called her ‘Vadina’. But, some of the fans, who are called as hatters or overrated maniacs, are pouring negative comments on Renu Desai’s timeline, which causes irritation to her.


In her recent Instagram post, Ranu Desai wrote long lines and mentioned about ‘F’ word, which was used by a ‘Fan’. She has posted two screenshots, in which fans used vulgar language. One of them is, “Lol. I am a Son of Farmer and I personally did Farming for about 2 decades. What F**k are you guys doing for Farmers? ….” and one other comment is like “Mind your language before saying Buddi Giddi and all. We still recognize you as the ex-wife of Pawan Kalyan only other than that you nothing”. It is not new for Renu Desai, to face harassment like this, even Pawan Kalyan has warned his fans many times, but no change happened to their mindsets.


Recently, Renu Desai has toured in Andhra Pradesh on a television channel’s request. She met with farmers and discussed various problems in farming. On the other hand, she is also planning a movie on farmers. Is her approach harmful to the farmers? How can anybody question her on this issue, that too in a vulgar manner?

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