Bikini Story of 'Lovely' Beauty!

By - May 13, 2019 - 12:30 PM IST

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Shanvi Srivastava, who made her debut in Telugu with Lovely (Adi Sai Kumar played the main lead in this film), is now busy with some Kannada flicks and she is making headlines now with her ‘Bikini / Swim Suit’ photos. It is not new for hot beauties to wear bikini or swimwear to show their oomph factor and their curvy figures will always testing the mercury levels.

While posting her bikini stills via her Instagram page, Shanvi wrote a long story. “People ask me this question often if being bold is really important in the profession I'm in. I say the question should be, is being versatile is really important to be in this profession?” “Acting is about dissolving into every character you get. The character can be anything and anyone. It's your choice to choose the character. You prefer choosing the same character over and over again, go ahead. “

“I prefer being versatile. Dissolving shanvi into any character she gets. I Ain't a great actor but the little I learned is once you love your work let nothing stop you or tie you. You cannot fly with the wings half open.” Is it necessary to pose with Bikini or Swimwear in the name of acting? Maybe or may not be. But, it is clear that Shanvi wants to show something more than glamour and that’s why she said a long story about Bikini or Swimwear.

Apart from Lovely, Shanvi also did a film with Sushanth and the film titled as Adda, but the film went flop. Shanvi’s elder sister Vidisha also did some Telugu movies like ‘Athili Sathibabu LKG’.

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