Bigg Boss: Varun Planning - Vithika Energetic

By - July 23, 2019 - 03:30 PM IST

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Hero Varun Sandesh looks very planned from day 1 itself. He looks calm still seems perfectly planned. The first day itself he got into the swimming pool. When his wife Vithika stood on edges of the pool, he lifts her with two hands to throw her into water. So the chemistry and physics of wife and husband look well-followed attempt in the House. The Entry night was on the issue of bed adjustments when and how Vithika reacted to his husband and the housemates are very interesting. Audiences were much involved in the show when Vithika put forth 'all girls one side, all boys one side' proposal. 

Coming to Vithika's Performance, she was energetic all the way. She is fine in reactance to her husband and other mates. Her Game Spirit appeared high through her attitude. We can expect something from Vithika side if at all her attitude remains the same throughout the show. Varun seems like a game planner. He is so belittled to her wife but well handles people in remaining tasks. 

Wait and see, How far Varun go with this planning for the coming days. The first day, fifteen Housemates were so much colorful to entertain the audience to keep them stay tuned.

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