No Chance For Ram In Double iSmart?

By - August 02, 2019 - 07:19 PM IST

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Director Puri Jagannath once again proved himself as a sensational director with his recent outing iSmart Shankar and it is known that he is getting ready for its sequel. Puri has already confirmed iSmart Shankar’s sequel as Double iSmart, but he hasn’t announced anything about its hero.

Earlier it was reported that Puri Jagan has committed to do a sequel for iSmart Shankar with Ram Pothineni, but as per latest reports, Puri is not happy with the attitude of Ram. Puri Jagan, Charmy, Nidhi, and Nabha have tried their level best in terms of promotions, but Ram hasn’t appeared any promotions after the film’s release.

Though Ram has been promoting the film via social media, Puri and Charmy are not happy with the hero’s behavior, sources revealed. “Yes, Puri is in search of hero for Double iSmart and for sure he will find the right choice as early as possible” reliable sources revealed.

However, close sources to the iSmart Hero Ram Pothineni are saying that the Energetic Star will continue in Double iSmart. We have to wait for official details about Double iSmart.

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