Ali And Punarnavi's Secret Task Leaves Contestants In Dilemma

By - August 10, 2019 - 10:00 AM IST

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In Bigg Boss season 3’s latest episode, we can see that contestants Ali and Punarnavi Bhupalam have been given a secret task and this is the latest task the team has got. They were sent into a secret room by the Bigg Boss and the team members, when woke up, were left in shock not finding their fellow contestants.

When all of them have noticed it, finally, all of them were asked to sacrifice a few things to have them back in the house. All the contestants were asked whether they would want to have both of them back or not, and while all of them have said yes, Baba master and Himaja said that they don’t feel that their absence is going to make any difference to them in the house.


The rest of them were asked to be in the house without wearing footwear and to forget eating curd for a week. All of them have agreed to this and finally, Ali and Punarnavi have been sent back into the house. Well, it was definitely a surprise.

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