Nag Turns Trend Setter In Tollywood?

By - August 10, 2019 - 11:30 AM IST

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King Nagarjuna’s latest outing Manmadhudu2 is bagging bitter words from move goers as the film was already declared as flop all because the hot chemistry from Nag in this film. Even though it was turned as new trend in Tollywood recent times, But fans of King Nag haven’t digest the hot avatar of their beloved hero.

On the other hand, regular movie goers are alsoy slinging mud on the film for its hot content and it has turned big minus point for the film. However, some people are saying that Nag has created new trend as senior hero with lip-locking young heroine.

“Yes, Nag has changed the trend. Off course he builds the road for other heroes to do more romantic films. Age is just a number and any body can do on-screen romance at any age” many are saying in social media.

However, Manmadhudu2 is a commercial film and we can’t blame mercilessly. What Nag said in his recent interview about Portugal backdrop and romantic content is right. But, the commercial value of the film was almost declared as flop.

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