Nagarjuna Gets Serious On Bigg Boss Contestants, Gives Warning

By - August 11, 2019 - 01:28 PM IST

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Nagarjuna, on Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 3, has got serious on contestants for all the fights and issues that have been happening in the house over the week. The contestants, after completing three weeks in the house, have entered the fourth week and are all set to face the elimination.

Well, Nagarjuna has got serious on Ali for the issue he had with Himaja and said that the way she spoke to his fellow contestant is definitely not acceptable. He appreciated Tamanna Simhadri for standing by Himaja’s side.

Well, he did not leave it just there. He said that he never expected Tamanna to behave in such a way that she did with Ravi and said that it caused pain to Ravi, and as well as other contestants too.

He also told Punarnavi that being so selfish is definitely not good for her and that she has to control her anger with her fellow contestants. Nagarjuna was pretty much sarcastic with Vithika in this episode. He said that while everyone else were worried about Ravi as his hand got cut and it was bleeding, Vithika was busy hiding the jewellery and cash to win the task. This was a shock to her and her husband too.

Well, we have to wait till Sunday to know who is going to get eliminated this week.

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