Bigg Boss Contestants Bid Farewell To Ali Reza

By - September 09, 2019 - 10:40 AM IST

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We have already reported that Ali Reza is going to get eliminated this week. Our sources have been right and like interpreted, Ali was evicted from the house. He was the strongest among all and has been a strongest opponent to other contestants in the house. Nobody has expected that Ali would be eliminated from the show because it was the first time has been nominated for elimination and that too by Shilpa Chakravarthy, who was a wild card entrant. People like Rahul, Vithika and Punarnavi, who have been in nominations continuously have still been in the house.

The whole house, we mean the contestants have become emotional and cried while Ali was walking out of the house. The minute the blue light was thrown on Ali, his fellow contestants were shocked and couldn’t believe that Ali has been eliminated. Shiva Jyothi, Ravi and Sreemukhi have become emotional and bid farewell to Ali with teary eyes. Fans of Ali are definitely not happy with his elimination.

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