Rahul Suggests Punarnavi To Get Married

By - September 09, 2019 - 09:33 AM IST

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Rahul and Punarnavi have been in news and have been making headlines since the beginning of the show. It is known that something is cooking in between them and they have to confirm it after coming out of the house. They claim to be best friends, but Rahul is always seen flirting with Punarnavi Bhupalam.

In the recent conversation of Punarnavi and Rahul, when he was punished in jail, Punarnavi was seen saying Rahul that she has a degree in psychology, and that she can make her living anyway, and wants to study more and that higher studies is her target. She adds that she has been working from the age of 17 and she is done with it.

After listening to what she said, Rahul gives her a suggestion and tell her that it is better to get married and take a break in life. To this, Punarnavi thanked him for the suggestion and told him that she knows what to do with her life. Punarnavi is definitely a head strong girl and the attitude is visible in the conversation.

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