Big Shock To Sree Mukhi From Bigg Boss!

By - September 16, 2019 - 12:00 PM IST

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In a shocking development, Bigg Boss has given a huge shock to Sree Mukhi via direct nomination to elimination. It is known that Sree Mukhi is one of the top contenders for the Bigg title, but recent times it seems she is losing the luck as well as Bigg soft corner from Bigg Boss.

It is known that King Nag has sent serious warning to Sree Mukhi saying as “You are not the Bigg Boss”. Hearing this from Big Host Nag, Sree Mukhi shocked very badly and after she went into calm phase. However, on Sunday’s episode, Sree Mukhi has tried to gain the actual energy, but she was failed.

On the other hand, Sree Mukhi was nominated directly today as she has lifted the telephone, which was arranged by Bigg Boss team. The details are to be revealed with today’s episode.

As per reliable sources, Sree Mukhi will be eliminated soon and the present situations are perfectly designed by Bigg Boss.

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