Naresh's President post In Deep Trouble?

By - October 23, 2019 - 07:00 AM IST

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The controversy surrounding MAA is flaring up with every passing day. As several members of Movie Artists Association (MAA) expressed dissent over President Naresh and slammed his leadership, an emergency meeting happened in Hyderabad. But, Naresh has skipped the meeting and on top of it, he went on to hit out at other members for holding the emergency meeting without him.

However,  members of MAA are least bothered about the comments made by Naresh. We all know that the senior actor has won the election as MAA President recently. But, in a very short time, the association is suffering from a lot of internal problems and few members are not happy with Naresh as he's allegedly taking key decisions without any consultations. Actor Rajasekhar, who got elected as Executive vice-president, is part of a group that's opposing Naresh. So, certainly, Rajasekhar's group is gaining more support and troubles mounted for Naresh's post.

Naresh's total tenure in office is two years, but backend efforts are already on to get him removed as MAA President. Industry sources are indicating that association members are in serious discussions to churn out a plan for removal of Naresh as MAA President. So, the senior actor's post is in major trouble and it remains to be seen how he will escape it.

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