Ali's Physical Fight On Baba Bhaskar Led To His Nomination

By - October 23, 2019 - 10:45 AM IST

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In the recent episode, it was seen that the contestants were given various tasks to perform individually, in couples and in groups too. The one who manages to win among all of them will get the ticket to grand finale.

Ali and Baba Bhaskar were given the task to planting flowers in a mud loaded tray. They can pluck each other’s flowers out from the tray and can defend too. The one who manages to have flowers in the tray when the buzzer rings will be the winner.

Also, it was made very clear by Bigg Boss that this task will not have any physical violence and that nobody can hurt each other physically. Focus has to be on the game only.

But Ali, even after Bigg Boss has warned him once, did not listen, and kept hurting Baba Bhaskar physically. He pushed away Baba so violently that even the housemates got so scared with what was happening. Baba tried to defend himself, and managed to save himself from that physical fight. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss himself has announced that Ali has been disqualified from the task and is nominated directly fro eliminations.

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