Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Seven Contestants In The Nominations!

By - September 29, 2020 - 11:27 AM IST

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The episode started with the housemates dancing for 'Kodi Kuse Yeladaka' song. Bigg Boss gave a task to Swathi to teach nine different emotions to the contestants. Lasya and Noel fought as a part of that task. Later, Mehboob is seen talking to Divi about the nominations this week. He claimed that he is going to nominate Abhijeet and Harika this week.

Avinash and Ariyana flirted with each other. Sohel and Lasya made fun of them and Avinash tried to cover it up saying that his family members are already searching a girl for him. Divi tried to talk to Abhijeet about the variations in his behavior and his clarification about Kumar Sai's allegations. However, Divi said that she will nominate him only. All of a sudden, Bigg Boss called Sohel and Akhil to wear the dress kept in the storeroom and gave detective kind of dresses.

Bigg Boss then started the nominations task. Sohel and Akhil are killers who stay in a den. The contestants who reach the den first after every buzzer will have to strike a deal with the killer to murder (nominate) someone. Amma Rajashekar came first and asked to kill Swathi. Akhil killed Swathi by giving the nominated tag. Ariyana came into the den and asked the hitman to kill Lasya. Akhil got the gun again and went to kill Lasya. Meanwhile, Sohel stole some money from Akhil's briefcase. Later, Harika comes into the den. She asked them to kill Mehboob. Sohel got the gun this time and killed Mehboob. However, he came into the den and becomes emotional. Akhil consoled him saying that Harika nominated him and there is no need to feel bad about it.

After the last buzzer, Noel who has been standing just outside the den went in and tried to nominate Kumar Sai. But, Kumar Sai made a fuss about it saying that the contestants should go in from the living area and Sujatha was the one to reach there first. So, Sohel and Akhil called Sujatha in and she asked them to kill Kumar Sai. Akhil got the gun and killed him. As Akhil got more money than Sohel, he went into the safe zone and Sohel went into the nominations. Akhil got an opportunity to nominate a contestant directly and he nominated Harika. So, Sohel, Harika, Swathi, Kumar Sai, Lasya, Mehboob, and Abhijeet are in the nominations this week.

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