Director James Cameron Says Avatar-2 Shoot Is Complete!

By - September 29, 2020 - 12:37 PM IST

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It is well known that award winning director James Cameron is busy shaping the second and third installment of Avatar franchise, a massive science fiction hit of 2009. After a pause due to pandemic situation, the film unit has resumed shoot and quickly finished major portion of the filming.

In a virtual interview with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the director revealed an update about Avatar 2 & Avatar 3. Earlier this year, the shoot was suddenly halted in Newzealand considering the global spread of COVID-19.

Now, James Cameron informed that the shooting of Avatar-2 is finished and Avatar-3 is almost complete. According to the director- "We’re shooting remainder of the live action, we’ve got about 10 per cent left to go. We’re 100 per cent complete on ‘Avatar 2’, and we’re sort of 95 per cent complete on ‘Avatar 3.”

Staying in a coronavirus-free country (Newzealand) has kept James Cameron resume the shoot again after four months of shutdown. He used shutdown to plan shoot quite thoroughly. However, global audiences have to wait till end of 2022 to catch the movie. Avatar-2 was supposed to hit cinemas on December 17, 2021; but it is delayed by an year. Also, Visual effects and post production activities are expected to take considerably significant amount of time during these tough times.

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