Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 53: Ariyana And Sohel Become The Best Performers Of The BB Day Care Task

By - October 29, 2020 - 09:01 AM IST

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The episode started with Amma Rajashekar playing Hide and Seek with other kids Mehboob, Avinash, and Harika. All the three hide in the kitchen and Amma Rajashekar found them all. Later, Harika stole chocolate from Amma Rajashekar's pants and the latter also tried to take it back. But, Monal and some others stopped him saying that he should not behave like that with a girl.

Amma Rajashekar made it a big point and became serious. He said that it is unfair that Harika stole chocolate from him but everyone is showcasing that his attempt to get it back is a crime. Monal and Lasya saw Bigg Boss' letter and confirmed that the kids can steal chocolates from other children. When Monal tried to say the same, Amma Rajashekar raised voice on her. Mehboob and Ariyana also convinced Amma Rajashekar that be it a game or not, he should never become bad in other people's eyes.

While talking about Harika's theft, Abhijeet tried to explain that he also went to talk about it as a caretaker of Amma Rajashekar. Harika also joined the conversation and apologized to Abhijeet for walking out on him during their conversation. But Abhijeet lashed out at her and talked rudely to her. Harika became teary-eyed and gave the chocolate back to Amma Rajashekar and said that she will steal it again if he is neglected it. Later in the night, Harika stole some chocolates and hid them in a lamp.

Bigg Boss asked Lasya to pick a winner pair. Lasya selected Ariyana and Sohel. Bigg Boss sent them some gifts. Bigg Boss gave a fun task to the housemates and Akhil won the task. Bigg Boss also gave a task regarding Paragon slippers. Every housemate picked a pair of shoes for a housemate.

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