Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 86: Heated Arguments And Mix Of Emotions During Nominations

By - December 01, 2020 - 09:31 AM IST

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The episode started with Akhil, Sohel talking about the elimination with Avinash. The next day started with the housemates dancing for 'U r my darling' song. 


Bigg Boss started the nominations process. Harika nominated Avinash and Abhijeet. Harika cried and said that she didn't intentionally save Abhijeet when she was the captain. Harika and Avinash argued about the eviction pass.


Avinash nominated Monal and Akhil. Both Avinash and Akhil argued. Akhil nominated Avinash and Monal. Abhijeet nominated Monal and they got into an argument. Abhijeet also nominated Harika.


Monal nominated Avinash and lashed out at him for calling her weak. The duo got into an argument. Monal also nominated Abhijeet and Akhil. Monal and Akhil also got into a huge argument and she ended up breaking into tears. Harika consoled her. 


Ariyana nominated Harika and Monal. Ariyana and Monal got into a huge argument and they started screaming at each other. Avinash asked Monal to talk in Telugu and Monal screamed at him not to interrupt. Sohel nominated Avinash and Ariyana. Avinash, Akhil, Abhijeet, Monal, and Harika are in nominations this week.

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