Netizens demand to ban 'Scam 1992' Pratik Gandhi

By - September 21, 2021 - 02:27 PM IST

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These days, people are easily offended by the content shown in films or web series. Thus, many creative projects are facing a huge backlash if they have sensitive content. The latest addition to the list is the Hindi film Bhavai, starring Pratik Gandhi of Scam 1992 fame.


Touted to be Pratik's debut film in Bollywood as a lead hero, this movie's trailer was unveiled a few days back. The film is set in the backdrop of Bhavai, a popular folk theatre form from Gujarat. Gandhi plays the role of a stage artist who performs as Ravana in Ram Leela stage play.


The trailer featured a sequence between Pratik and the actor playing the role of Ram. In that scene, Ravana questions Ram on the treatment towards his sister Surpanakha. This particular scene didn't go well with a section of the audience, who immediately lashed out at the makers on Twitter. They also demanded the ban and arrest of Pratik.


Immediately, the makers released an official statement and said that they have removed the scene from the movie and assured viewers that the film will not hurt any religious sentiments.


"With due respect to the concerns regarding the title of the promo and a dialogue in the promo, we wish to clarify that the dialogue and the above title 'Raavan Leela' is not part of the film and has been removed from the promo as well respecting the sentiments of our viewers," the statement read.


"We have the highest regard for Hindu culture and the Ramayana. The Film and/or any portion thereof does not hurt any religious sentiments or religious beliefs," it further added.


Bhavai is all set to release on October 1.

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