Bigg Boss Ep 20: Sreeram & Priyanka Are Safe

By - September 26, 2021 - 10:15 AM IST

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Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is at the end of the third week. Already, two contestants are eliminated from the house, and on Sunday, we will get to see the third contestant who will be leaving the house.


The following are some of the highlights of Saturday's episode:


Priya and Lahari sat with Maanas separately about how things will turn around during the weekend episode.


Shanmukh sat with Siri to clear the misunderstandings. Shanmukh told that Siri is losing herself and she should be wiser. Siri is not happy that Shannu is not talking with her.


Maanas came out of the jail.


Nagarjuna decided to talk about interesting things that happened throughout the week and as everyone expected, he started it off with the episode involving Priya, Ravi and Lahar. He listened to Priya and Ravi. Later, he called Lahari to the power room and played a conversation between Priya and Ravi. Lahari understood that Ravi lied to her and shared her opinion in the living room.


Nagarjuna pointed out Kajal's opinion that Vishwa is the worst captain of the house but many inmates did not agree to it.


On a funny note, Nag commented that Shanmukh is driving Jessie as the captain of the house and many agreed to it.


Later, the inmates played 'Shut the door on the face' task. In this, the inmates will have to pick one name and shut door on their face by giving a reason that they should not be in the house.


Priya, Priyanka, Jessie, Kajal, and Vishwa wanted Lobo to go out of the house. Swetaa Varma picked Maanas and Maanas picked Anne. Lobo picked Lahari and she picked Ravi and he chose Priya for this task. Siri and Sunny chose one another. Anne picked Maanas. Natraj chose Kajal and Shanmukh chose Sunny. Hamida picked Kajal.


Nagarjuna announced that Sreeram and Priyanka are safe.

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