Bigg Boss: S6: E11: Babies & Captaincy Contenders

By - September 15, 2022 - 09:00 AM IST

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In the midnight, Geethu tried to steal some dolls. She successfully lifted Shrihan's baby doll and tried to snatch others' too.


Later, Shrihan too tried the same and could be able tp throw Arjun's doll in the Lost & Found area.


The next day started with Bombhat song.


3 Captaincy Contenders were chosen in two different challenges.


1. Ring lo Unnode King

In this challenge, five members participated. Inaya, Faima, Arjun, Keerthi and Arohi took part in the challenge. All of them wrestled using shields. Each of them has to push the others out of the ring. In this challenge, the final fight was between Keerthi Bhat and Inaya. As Keerthi failed to play well, Inaya won the challenge.


2. Ice Cream Time

In this challenge, four members participated. Shani, Rohit-Marina, Rajasekhar and RJ Surya took part in the challenge. All of them played a memory game where they will have to set up scoops on Ice Cream cones. The challenge took place in two rounds. In the first round, Rajasekhar won and in the second round, RJ Surya won.


Finally, for the second week, there are five captaincy contenders. They are Inaya, Faima, Rajasekhar, Chanti and RJ Surya.

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