AP Elections 2024: Tollywood Celebrates Pawan Kalyan's Victory

By - June 04, 2024 - 04:06 PM IST

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The results of the 2024 elections have brought immense joy to Tollywood, uniting various factions in celebration of the TDP-JSP-BJP alliance's success. Despite the BJP's uncertain prospects nationwide, the citizens of Andhra Pradesh have overwhelmingly voted in favor of the Kutami alliance. Pawan Kalyan has secured his first electoral victory in Pithapuram, living up to his "power star" moniker and sending waves of excitement across the state.

The crew of Harish Shankar’s upcoming film, Mr. Bachchan, erupted in celebration upon hearing the news of Pawan Kalyan's decisive win in the Pithapuram constituency. The film set was abuzz with jubilation as cast and crew members paused their work to light firecrackers and cheer enthusiastically for the actor-turned-politician.

Kajal Aggarwal wrote, "Congratulations On Your Well Deserved Victory @PawanKalyan Garu. Your Tireless Effort & Unwavering Commitment Have Truly Paid off."

Allu Arjun wrote, "Heartiest congratulations to @PawanKalyan garu on this tremendous victory . Your hardwork, dedication and commitment to serve the people for years has always been heart touching . Best wishes for your new journey to serve the people."

Thaman wrote, "Like I always Mention  OUR LEADER  #JaiJanasena."

This election has sparked unprecedented solidarity and anticipation within the film industry. With Pawan Kalyan and the Kutami alliance in power, there is renewed hope for the development of Andhra Pradesh. The film industry is particularly optimistic, expecting that their concerns will now be addressed more promptly and effectively, marking the dawn of better days for both the state and the entertainment sector.

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