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By - June 02, 2017 - 06:33 AM IST

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Cast: Raj Tarun, Hebah Patel, Rajendra Prasad, Shayajee Shinde, Raja Ravindra and others
Banner: AK Entertainments Pvt Ltd
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Cinematography: B Rajasekhar
Art Director: Krishna Maya 
Editor: MR Varma
Co-Producer: Ajay Sunkara
Producer: Ramabrahmam Sunkara
Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction: Veligonda Srinivas
Andhagadu Tagline: 'Average'gadu

Avg User Rating: 3/5
Goutham (Raj Tarun) is blind from the childhood. He works as an RJ in Vizag. One day he falls for Netra (Hebah Patel) and loves her by hiding the fact that he is blind. She finally comes to know about the truth and hates him initially but later helps him to get his vision. As days pass by, the understandings between them expire and their relationship grows. At such point of time, Ranjith Kulkarni (Rajendra Prasad) enters into Goutham's life and makes it miserable for him. Who is Ranjith Kulkarni and how did his entry change Goutham's life forms the plot of the film.
Andhagadu Performances:

Raj Tarun puts an energetic performance in the film. Unlike his earlier films, he is calm and cool in this movie. Raj Tarun limited himself in terms of performance and did not attempt to go overboard which is an appreciable thing and is also an impressive effort from him.

Hebah Patel on the other side is cute and gorgeous. She makes a good pair with Raj Tarun. As usual, she has performed well in the limited scope she has given in the movie.

Rajendra Prasad played an important role in the film and his role has got a short duration but it leaves a positive impression.

Raja Ravindra played the antagonist and he sends an indication to the Telugu directors that he can be a perfect villain if utilised properly. Raja Ravindra performed well and impressed big time. This can be considered as a big break for him in his acting career.

Shayaji Shinde, Satya, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sudarshan and others are good in theri roles. The rest of the actors made their presence felt.
Andhagadu Analysis:

The film starts off well with the introduction of the characters in the childhood. Many might be surprised why the director has given a lot of runtime for the childhood episode to establish the friendship bond between the friends and he answered it well in the second half. The film has a routine story but the way the director divided the film into the subplots has been pretty much interesting. Each subplot has got a good start and perfect ending and everything has been included in the screenplay in an impressive manner. The entire screenplay appeared in a structured format which is actually a positive thing for the movie.
Unlike the half-baked scripts, the film's script looks perfect. The major disappointment comes when the story has a routine revenge point and everything becomes predictable once the twist is revealed. The entire setup of the twists is amazing but the excitement that the twists generate is not carried out until the end and the excitement dies in the middle itself. The second half especially turns out to be a predictable one and the director has not thought of any other alternative to keep the audiences engaged to the film and just tried to include some comedy scenes.
The director Veligondla Srinivas has worked in the writing department for many hit films. He is already an established writer. That experience in writing has helped him in developing an interesting script for his first film. There are not many drawbacks in terms of the script but the only thing is the film having a routine plot and the treatment also looks conventional. The dialogues are impressive. The cinematography of the film is nice but the songs could have been captured well in terms of the visuals. The artwork is nice. The editing is good. The technical department worked well in giving a good output. The production values are also rich.
Plus Points:

+ Comedy
+ Music
+ Screenplay
Minus Points:

- Routine Story
- Predictable Narration
Andhagadu Music:

The music by Sekhar Chandra is decent. All the songs have come out well but the background score sounded routine and reminds us of several big commercial films.

Raj Tarun was seen as a blind guy in the film for almost 40 minutes and the way he presented himself on the screen as a blind guy is good and he appeared natural.
Andhagadu Verdict:

Andhagadu is strictly an average film with a routine and predictable plot. The comedy in the film worked well and it could draw some good number of audiences to the theatres. On a whole, it is a one-time watchable film.

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