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By - May 11, 2017 - 04:41 PM IST

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Cast: Rahul, Mahima Makwana, Ajay Ghosh, Ajay, Kasi Viswanath, Jogi Naidu and others
Banner: Good Cinema Group and Baahomanya Group
Music: Achu Rajamani
Cinematography: Sai Prakash 
Editor: Madhu
Producers: Thumu Phani Kumar and Shreyas Sriniwaas
Story, Screenplay and Direction: Venu Madikanti

Venkatapuram Tag Line: Some Thrills and Some Fun
Venkatapuram Plot:

Anand (Rahul) is a happy-go-lucky guy who works as a pizza delivery guy. One fine day, he comes across Chaitra (Mahima) which entirely changes his life in the due course of the time. Some incidents that happen leads him to fall into a big mess that involves Chaitra's murder. What actually happened and why was Anand involved in this? How did Anand come out of the mess and bring the actual truths out forms the entire plotline of the film Venkatapuram?
Venkatapuram Performances:

There are not many actors playing the significant roles in the film. There are a few who have got the right roles.

Starting with Rahul, everyone did a good job as actors. Rahul can be proud of this film as it marks his successful comeback in the film industry. Rahul is surely going to grab more opportunities in the coming days.

Mahima, the newcomer also performed well and she doesn't look like a debutante. She has got a lot of talent and if chosen proper roles, she will definitely become a good actress.

Kasi Viswanath as heroine's father is good in his role. Ajay Ghosh is another great performer we get to watch the movie. With his dominating screen presence and impressive performing skills, he made an impression. Ajay as a cop is also brilliant. Jogi Naidu impresses in his limited role. The rest of the actors did their job well.
Venkatapuram Analysis:

The film starts with an interesting note where the director completely tries to hide the actual conflict point. The way the director has taken us into the film is amusing. The way the director incorporated the simple story into a brilliant screenplay is appreciable. There are a lot of good points in the film that make the movie a worthy one. The film has a good writing. Though this is a debut for the director, his treatment to the screenplay won't meek us feel the same. The way the film runs forward throws us a lot of surprises. From the beginning to the end, there is something that makes us engaged to the film and that's the beauty of the screenplay.
In the first half of the film, there is hardly anything that gets unfold but the way director tried to hold the suspense and took the film forward doesn't make us feel the same. Till the interval bang, everything looks good and the interval bang is something that raises the curiosity to watch the second half. Any film having a good intermission bang will certainly drive the audiences crazy to watch the remaining portions of the film and the same has happened with this movie too.
The only regret that we get while watching the first half of the film is the main point of the film being dragged a little by holding the suspense. Otherwise, the first half of the film leaves a positive and fresh feel for the audiences. At the same time, the second half begins with an interesting manner. The second half of the film completely focuses on unveiling the suspense and driving the film towards a very good ending. In executing this, the director was successful to the maximum extent. Except for few drags here and there, the film appeals well to everyone.
The second half of the movie was dealt nicely and without any time waste, the film's flow moves forward at a rapid pace. The narration of the film is a positive asset for the movie. Technically, the film is so strong and sound. The film looks like it was made on a medium budget but the output generated on the screen will surely surprise everyone. The director of photography has portrayed wonderful visuals on the screen. The songs are captured in a nice manner. The cuts of editor Madhu are sharp. Thumu Phani Kumar and Shreyas Sriniwaas maintained good production values.
Plus Points:

+ Performances of Lead Actors
+ Music & BGM
+ Cinematography
+ Narration
Minus Points:

- Few drags
- Slow first half
Venkatapuram Music:

The music is an additional asset for the movie. Achu has given pleasant and wonderful music for the movie and he has also given some good background score that elevated the film at the right points.
Venkatapuram Verdict:

Venkatapuram is a brilliant film coming from a talented team. The film has everything set in the right place. Good performances, impressive music, engaging plotline and convincing treatment altogether made Venkatapuram a good movie. Watch it.

Now that, the Telugu audiences ended the discussion on "Why did Kattappa Kill Baahubali" it is the time for them to start a discussion on "Why did Anand kill Chaitra" Watch it to know.

Avg User Rating: 3.25/5

Reviewed By: Ram


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