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By - April 14, 2017 - 01:17 PM IST

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Starring: Varun Tej, Hebah Patel, Lavanya Tripathi and others
Written by: Gopi Mohan and Sreedhar Seepana
Music by: Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography: KV Guhan
Edited by: MR Varma
Production Company: Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions and Leo Productions
Produced by: Nallamalapu Srinivas and Tagore Madhu
Directed by: Sreenu Vaitla
Mister Tag Line: Mister Disappoints!
Mister Plot:

Chai (Varun Tej) is the son of a rich businessman (Anand) based out of Spain. He was supposed to receive Priya who is coming from India but receives Meera (Hebah Patel) and she stays with their family only. Chai likes Meera but Meera likes Siddarth way back in India. Chai happens to know that Meera's love is in trouble and he starts his journey to India to help her love. In the process, he comes across Chandra Mukhi (Lavanya Tripathi) and comes to know that she is also in trouble. The rest of the story is about how Chai solve their problems.
Mister Performances:

The film has good star cast and all these actors are the strength of the film. Coming to the lead actors, the three actors are good in the film.
Mega Prince Varun Tej played a different role in his career. So far, he acted in roles which are different from the other. In this manner, he has got to play a complete entertaining role in the film. Varun Tej showcased the entertaining side of his in the film and delivered an energetic performance. With each film, he is improving a lot.
Lavanya Tripathi and Hebah Patel are glamorous. Both of them also performed well in the film. Especially, they surrender the audiences during the romantic scenes and emotional scenes.
Nikitin Dheer is good as the antagonist. He did a decent job with his role. Harish Uthaman, Ravi Prakash, Anand, Eswari Rao, Nasser and Chandra Mohan are impressive too. Prithviraj's comedy worked big time. He is a major plus for the movie. All the other actors are good and made their presence felt.

The writing is good in parts. The writers tried to include some natural entertaining elements which worked in the film. The establishment of the rivalry between the two families is good.The comedy is refreshing in the film and this is the huge advantage of Sreenu Vaitla film to do well at the box office. The dialogues are also good. The first of the film is very impressive. Without any boring elements or the dragged scenes, the director managed to provide decent entertainment in the first half of the film. The film offers us a different story line but the routine treatment here and there might bother us.
Even then, the entertainment elements are included well in the film. The non-stop comedy in the first half is a huge plus.The action sequences are good. Except for the lengthy pre-interval scenes, the first half of the film impresses and increases the curiosity to watch the other half of the film. The too many villain layers in the plotline appear boring in the second half of the film. The twists are good but the director has tried including too many of them and came back to his confusion comedy track element which adds routineness to the treatment.
The first half of the second half is tedious. The film starts dull and moves forward slowly. The confusion comedy track failed to impress. Adding to that, the director followed the routine commercial formula in treating the second half of the film which has gone wrong. The second half of the film could have been handled in a much better manner which could have helped the film a lot. With interesting and impressive first half and an average second half, the film Mister meets us with some good entertainment in the first half but the second half leaves us with complete disappointment.
The technical team has really worked hard to generate a great output for the film. The artwork by AS Prakash is amazing. The cinematography by KV Guhan is too good. Guhan has shown some beautiful visuals and showcased all the actors beautifully. The action sequences were designed in entertaining and stylish manner. The editing by MR Varma is good but it could have been better in the second half of the film. The dialogues are impressive too. The production values of the film are grand. 

- Performances
- Comedy in First Half
- Story Line

- Second Half
- Routine Treatment

The music scored by Mickey J Meyer is pleasant. The background score he provided is in sync with the film's mood but it did not thoroughly elevate the film in the right places.

The styling for the lead actors is entirely new and added as an advantage for the film.

Mister offers us refreshing comedy in the first half but the same thing fails in the second half. On a whole, it's a disappointment.

Avg User Rating: 2.5/5

Review By: Rayarao Sriram


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