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By - June 16, 2017 - 10:24 AM IST

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Cast: Lasya, Revanth, Noel Sean, Taraka Ratna Nandamuri
Production Company: K Studios
Editor: AV Prasad
Cinematography: Ram Reddy
Music: Sricharan Pakala
Art Director: Maresh Ballamki
Action Choreographer: Solomon
Make-up: Arjun
Costumes: Lokesh
Producer: Raaj Kumar M
Director: Krishna Kishore T

Tagline: 'Raja Meeru Keka' KADU

Avg User Rating: 2.25/5
Raja Meeru Keka Plot:

Nagaraju (Nandamuri Taraka Ratna) is the CEO of a software company Truetech which is worth 1000 crores. With the suggestion of the chief minister (Posani), he invests all his money in the real estate which leads to the anger of the board members further resulting in their resignations. As a result, all the employees who are working in the company had to lose their jobs suddenly. Ravi (Revanth) and Swetha (Lasya) families get affected a lot and Lasya kills herself in the process who could not face the financial crisis. Revanth with other friends Sasank (Noel) and Seenu (RJ Hemanth) plots a mission to take revenge on Nagaraju. What happens next is the film's complete story.
Raja Meeru Keka Performances:

There are not many actors in the movie. All the four young actors have put some solid performances in the film. Revanth, Noel, Lasya and RJ Hemanth are good in the roles and they made us believe that they are friends in real life too. With their natural acting, they brought a true connection with the characters. Lasya made her acting debut with this film and she can't ask for a better role. Revanth whose debut film Intinta Annamayya failed to release tried his best to impress. Noel and RJ Hemanth gave their best. Taraka Ratna Nandamuri's selection for the CEO role is good and he gave his best for the role. Posani Krishna Murali impressed as a chief minister. All the actors in the film gave their best in the limited roles and made their presence felt.
Raja Meeru Keka Analysis:

From the beginning of the film, there were rumours that the film is based on the story of Satyam Ramalinga Raju. The situations that lead after the sudden shutdown of Satyam group of companies has been presented on the screen in cinematic style without bringing any names. Coming to the story of the film, it is interesting as well as engaging. The director failed to turn this good story into a very good film. The narrative structure of the film is really boring. The story of the film was not highlighted in the right way. The duration of the film was killed with some unnecessary scenes which could have been avoided.
Keeping aside the logics, the film was set on a good flow at the interval point. Till the interval, we can't be able to adjust to the movie's pace but the second half of the film comes as a big relief for all those who are losing the patience. As the friends begin their revenge mission, the film's flow picks up speed and the happenings after that give a good curiosity to the audiences. The screenplay's major problem is having deviations in the name of songs and other stuff. The director could not stick to the theme of the movie and he has to owe to the commercial elements which are drawbacks.
The film's subject is something really serious. There is a scope for the elements of thrill in the movie but the director had to avoid it for the commerciality. Keeping all this aside, the technical department of the film worked really hard to make the film better in terms of technicalities. Content wise, the film is on the dull side but at the same time, we can see the movie looking good with camera work, music and other aspects. The cinematography is amazing. All the actors are presented in a beautiful manner and the picturization quality is nice. The editing is okay. The music of the film is good with a couple of hummable tunes. The background score of the film is impressive.
Plus Points:

+ Performances
+ Story
+ Camera Work
+ Music
Minus Points:

- Screenplay
- Direction
Raja Meeru Keka Verdict:

Raja Meeru Keka is a film which failed to stick to the theme and has got many deviations. It has a good story but the entire presentation leaves an impression of no interest for the audiences.

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