Ungarala Rambabu Review & Ratings

By - September 15, 2017 - 06:53 PM IST

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Star Cast: Sunil, Mia George, Prakash Raj
Music Director: Ghibran 
Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari 
Producer: Paruchuri Kireeti 
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Kranthi Madhav

Tagline: Rambabuuuu.. Very Sorry

User Rating: 2/5

Star comedian turned hero Sunil’s collaboration with sensible director Kranthi Madhav brought some decent expectations on this film Ungarala Rambabu. Now, take a look at the review of Ungarala Rambabu  and find out how far those expectations came true on screen.

Story Plot:

Rambabu (Sunil) a happy go lucky man raised by his grandfather as he lost his parents in his childhood. After the demise of his grandfather, he happens to start a travel business due to some series of happenings in his life. There he finds Savitri (Mia) in his own office and both likes each other. After that, Sunil goes to an interior village in Kerala (Savitri’s home town) to convince her father (Prakash Raj). Will he wins the heart of Prakash Raj or not needs to be watched on screen.


Sunil: Sunil who is known for comedy timing is excelled in that comic part. Unfortunately, his non-erasable image of comedian overshadows his trials of becoming lead actor. Like his previous films, this film also gives us the above result.

Mia George: She looks glamorous and yet suited for the subtle role on screen. She is good in dance numbers.

Prakash Raj as Ranga Nair who played the role of a communist leader is perfectly suited to the role and as a seasoned actor, he excelled in the character.

Vennela Kishore and Posani Krishnamurali tried to produce entertainment through their roles.


Director Kranthi Madhav got a good name and fame with his previous outings- Onamalu & Malli Malli idhi Raani Roju and he managed to create some impact of his own on the audience. However, he failed in his third attempt (Ungarala Rambabu movie) to recreate his magic on screen.

The responsible writer in him provoked him to write a script on the Land Acquisition from Farmers for the development purposes. This is the current happening problem in India and he was also wise enough to choose the state of Kerala for showcasing the Left Oriented ideologies where this particular state has the highest communists’ prominence.

Coming to this film Ungarala Rambabu, he tried to inject a bitter pill (subject) by giving a sugar coating (entertainment) into the audience. Unfortunately, Kranthi Madhav’s attempt of this vaccine (Ungarala Rambabu) got failed as he misses the right amount of mixture.

In one way, he did a mistake by taking Sunil as the main lead for this role and by taking him as the lead role, the whole film got pushed aside unknowingly. Kranthi Madhav needs to be even more careful with his future projects as this film didn’t shape well in all the terms.

*A special mention to Director for touching the line of Land Acquisition & its problems.

Minus Points:

- There were many
Final Verdict:

This film disappoints...

Review By Sandeep


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