Kathalo Rajakumari Review & Ratings

By - September 15, 2017 - 06:59 PM IST

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Cast: Nara Rohit, Naga Shaurya, Namitha Pramod
Production House: Aaroha Cinema & Aran Media Works
Music: Vishal
Producers: Prashanthi, Soundarya & Krishna Vijay
Director: Mahesh Soorapaneni

User Rating: 2/5

Going with the title Kathalo Rajakumari, the movie is expected to be either a romantic one or a movie which revolves around the existence of the heroine. But, no. One will definitely feel that such a movie title for this movie is misleading. If not a romantic movie, what exactly is the movie all about? Read on to know more.
Story plot:

Arjun (Nara Rohit) is an actor who is famous for his villain roles. His real life character is nothing different from the villany roles he acts in. All of a sudden one day, Arjun transforms to be a very good person. He becomes so sensitive that he no longer could even act as a bad person even in the movies.  The confused Arjun even visits a psychiatrist, not knowing the reason behind this change. Someone suggests him to go back in search of the people who have caused him troubles in the past, in order to get back to his normal state of mind. Arjun starts his journey in search of Sita(Namita Pramod) who is responsible for his father's death. Who exactly is this Sita? How is she responsible for Arjun's father's death? To know the answers, one needs to watch the movie.
Roles and Performances:

Nara Rohith is known for the selection of good stories. Though he has been dealing with the movies fairly, he needs to check with the output of his movies. Reviewing his recent movies, it is obvious that his action is improved a lot and is apt for the roles he does. But, on a whole none of his movies are being appreciated well. 

On the other hand, Namita Pramod is not the one who is apt for this role. All the other roles were not of much significance. 

If the whole story line has to be given a credit, then it is a good one. The way Nara Rohith's role is established is good. But, going on deeper into the story, it loses its elevation and goes blunt. There is no proper logic of why the hero's role is suddenly transformed.  The screenplay is dull and doesn't complement the narration. Technical values are not that good too. 

The songs by Illayaraja are well composed. The BGM and the cinematography are very simple and lacks quality. The Director failed to give an appeal to the movie on a whole. 
Plus Point: 

+ Story Line
Minus Point: 

- Direction
- Uninteresting narration
- Lack of comedy
Final Verdict: Not that interesting. 


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